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A truly incredible experience. The Inward Bound Team managed were professional, playful, hardworking and compassionate, and created such a safe and tranquil space. With this space being held, along with their help, care & wisdom, I was able to make peace with personal traumas, make some sense of my insecurities, and reconnect with my true self. Nearly a month on, I cannot describe the stillness of heart and mind I feel. So much gratitude to the inward bound team for the powerful and necessary work they’re doing

  • Hanna,  Dublin

Very highly recommended. The organisers' commitment to care, comfort and safety is complete, and authentic. The venue and food were fantastic. The experience was highly therapeutic and in fact, transformational. This is a wonderful experience and one to be embraced if you get the chance.

  • Robert, London

I would highly recommend Inward bound to anybody who is considering psychedelic therapy. They are very experienced, safety conscious and trustworthy company. The weekend was extremely well run and the facilitators were very friendly and professional. They were able to answer any questions you had and address any concerns. 5 stars, couldn't recommend it enough.

  • James, Dublin

My Inwardbound retreat was a birthday gift to myself as I approach 50. What a gift! It was like being carried gently down a stream, rocked by a simple, exquisite and sturdy boat. From the moment we met up in Amsterdam to the drop off 4 days later, our guides held us with care, expertise and compassion. I have rarely - ever? - been in the presence of such selfless love and a genuine desire to support me to learn and grow and thrive during and beyond the retreat.

The accommodation was beyond my expectations. Beautiful renovated high-ceiling barn in the middle of the Dutch countryside, with water flowing all around. The plant-based meals, prepared by the etherial Aoife, were in themselves restorative and truly delicious. The days flowed from meditation to yoga to walks in nature, time alone and in the group, stillness and wild dancing, breathing exercises to chanting by the fire and ceremoniously burning unwanted emotional baggage, one-on-one talking and physical therapy sessions to group sharing with plenty of silence in between, culminating in the two truffle ceremonies.

For some of us, these were life-changing experiences, opening up new ways of looking at themselves and their roles in the world. For others, they provided the opportunity for deeper self-knowledge, even if at times opening old childhood wounds. But in the throws of turmoil, our 4 guardians were ever-present, pacing around the circle, dancing at times, blowing sage smoke and incense, and fresh cologne - even behind my closed eyes, I was aware of their watchful spirit. When at one time, I went through a turbulent time, seemingly out of nowhere, my hand was held, and this gentle momentary physical contact, helped me through a difficult moment to experience universal love. The carefully curated playlist which permeated through a powerful set of speakers high up in the room enhanced the journey - even if sometimes it felt as if I was tossed in a crashing wave.

Sharing circles and meal times helped us bond as group - both participants and facilitators - and by the second day, the depth and quality of sharing was an inspiration in itself. When people talk from the heart, I am reminded how similar we each are to one another, and how our highs and lows are inherently shared and profoundly human.

  • T,  Switzerland

My journey with Inward Bound was an insightful and rewarding experience. Being able to reflect and share in a positive and open environment, in the hands of very knowledgeable and experienced facilitators, helped me to gain clarity and to build self-awareness.

  • Colm, Cork



Slowing down, dearmouring, becoming present. Held in a safe warm and loving space. Each of the team brings love, wisdom and understanding allowing you to be your true self. The unwinding and delayering process can unfold in a loving and non-judgemental way, with the support there when you need it. Great organic food, roaring wood fires and nature walks fill the body with warmth and goodness. To say this created space is special is an understatement, it's a truly magical transformative environment allowing you to become whole.

  • Rachel, Antrim


My experience to date with psychedelics is the care and intention of the people holding space in a ceremony is by far the most important factor. Inward Bound provide a trusting, loving, warm and connected space, so you completely let go, trust the process and go the journey. The retreat was carefully planned out to be inclusive, engaging and to give people their personal space. HIghly recommend joining a retreat as a first timer to psychedelics or for a new experience.

  • Dee, Dublin

InwardBound create gorgeously constructed psychedelic ceremonies for the purposes of personal healing and consciousness expansion. They provide a perfect bridge for people to whom plant-based therapies might be a totally new and abstract concept, complete with clear, pertinent information and guidance. They are trustworthy, compassionate, communicative and have a multidisciplinary approach to providing very well held safe space, wherein personal healing can flourish. Would highly recommend.

  • Rory, Wicklow

A deeply beautiful experience

  • Paul, Dublin

The Inwardbound retreat was a great experience. We were quite a small group so I felt safe and comfortable with the team and the other participants, which made for a good experience during ceremony. The team were great at informing us about how the ceremony would go down both prior to and during the retreat and guided us smoothly though the whole experience. Thank you, guys!

  • Anna, Copenhagen

I  had been using Mind Body Medicine to heal a chronic pain syndrome. This retreat was the perfect complimentary medicine. I was safely guided to my inner healer, unlocking repressed emotions, traumas and fears from the unconscious. I came home feeling lighter, brighter and reconnected with my capacity to be loving and loved.

  • Aoife, Dublin

The transition from harsh city life to expansive retreat happened gently. Many times through the weekend I was being cared for yet I hardly noticed. Looking back I can see how the support the facilitators gave was skilful and nurturing but so unobtrusive. In moments that seemed uneventful, personal shifts were taking place. All the while I was being watched over in a way that was fully accepting of whatever could arise. On their own the beautiful house and its grounds, the wholesome food and warming fires are enough to give a magical experience. But the facilitators unconditional love and dedication to ones personal evolution make this a transformative experience. My heart is warmed from the loving friendships and the boosted creativity I have in my life now after this wonderful retreat.

  • Ronan, Dublin


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